Life Air Rescue is working harder to serve our local EMS, Fire, and hospitals by expanding our outreach program. All of our programs are free of charge!

If you have any questions or comments on Life Air Rescue’s Project Outreach, contact us or at 1-800-762-9562.

Ground Schools

Help us continue to provide the safest service possible. We now offer two classes: one ground school for EMS/Fire/Prehospital personnel and one for hospital personnel. Both classes are free.

We will visit your organization or you can come to us.

Call FlightComm at 1-800-762-9562 or contact us to set up a Ground School at your location.

EMS Night Out

Several times a year, Life Air Rescue will host an EMS Night Out. During these continuing education programs we will discuss several topics which are pertinent to EMS providers. Guest lectures will frequent these programs to provide valuable expert information on the topics discussed.

If you have an idea about a topic that you would like discussed or to find out when the next EMS Night Out is scheduled please contact us.